“After 10 years of seeing a doctor and getting nowhere I have seen such an improvement after a few months of seeing Becs. My pulse has increased, my sleep has improved, and my general energy has gone up. I really recommend giving a herbalist a try – the personalised approach to your health can’t be beaten!” – MS, 2012

“What an unbelievable difference within two days the dizzy spells subsided within 1 week they had totally disappeared. I have actually got energy to go out and enjoy my kids/friends and husband.” – CR, 2012

“Within a couple of weeks of taking the herbal tea mix I started feeling much more grounded and able to confront my emotions rather than running away from them. I haven’t had a panic attack in months and I generally feel much less anxious and restless. I enjoyed the “ritual” of preparing and drinking my own herbal tea every day – it feels much more personal and connected than just taking a pill. Herbs aside, Becs also gave me very useful advice on what vitamins and supplements would help – all this in one appointment! I had already seen Becs a year or so before for menstrual problems that had been going on for years, and since then my menstrual cycle is much more regular and less painful. Taking herbs makes you learn something about your own body that you can’t learn by simply swallowing a tablet. Long live herbal medicine!” – PS, 2013

“I just wanted to say that since you helped me with my stomach problem, it has now completely cleared up! I can’t remember if I ever thanked you for it.” – VE, 2012

“I have been taking herbal medicine for just over four months now and it has made a significant difference to my health.  I was a little worried about taking it at first as I am not good with taking medicines and I feared that I would have some strange reaction to taking herbs. However, after meeting Becs my herbalist and discussing my feelings of fatigue and anxiety I felt in completely safe hands. She told me what herbs she would be treating me with and explained what properties these herbs had. This was not only interesting but instilled a sense of security. After only a short time my tiredness and overwhelming fatigue has gone and my anxiety is managed better than it has been for years. I continue to use herbal medicine and have never had any reactions to any of it. Therefore, I would highly recommend it.”- NE, 2013